LinkedIn campaign management & automation


LinkedIn campaignmanagement & automation

Forget about the endless emails, cold calls, and messages. We help B2B companies capture hard-to-reach, high-value leads through LinkedIn marketing campaigns. The Mercatus team will contact your potential prospects on your behalf by sending them a personalized sequence of follow-up messages on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn campaign management & automation
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Whois the service for

Solution for every business, specializing in B2B sales, recruitment, business events and attracting leads and company’s followers.

Our professional copywriters and sales / marketing specialists will help you improve your presence in the biggest business network, to come up with the right sales methodology, and will help you with your email sequences so that you can hook your clients and close more deals.

Telco & Utilities

IT & technology companies

Outsourcing / Offshoring

Marketing and advertising


Event services

Fintex & banking

Cyber security

How it Works

Whywork with us

  1. Set up the target audience
    We will help you find the right LinkedIn leads. It doesn’t matter how many leads you get if they are not qualified.
  2. Optimize your profile
    We will optimize your profile so that you can have success in the biggest lead generation network.
  3. Write your methodology
    Come up with a clear vision of what and when to send for maximum results
  4. Design personalized messages

    We will reach hundreds of leads a day on your behalf, by LinkedIn and email, until your leads reply.

  5. More predictable pipeline
    By knowing where your next opportunity will come from you’ll be able to better forecast sales and unlock real growth by allowing your team to perform better.
  6. Allignment with your marketing
    With our campaigns, your brand and team are positioned as leaders in your industry. The database of leads we build for you as assets to be nurtured the right way.

LinkedIn profile & company page optimization

We optimize your LinkedIn profile and company page to be more successful for Social Selling and Outreach campaigns.
We start with Audit of your profile based on 14 steps according to LinkedIn best practices.

Identify & develop target audiences and prospect profiles

Your A.M. (Account Manager) will help you filter and find the right Decision Makers that are important to your Sales Cycle. Together we will identify the Right Target Personas in your target location.

Identify and join linkedIn targeted groups

We will investigate which are the correct LinkedIn groups and join you. This is critical for database building and ongoing prospecting.

Design of personalized messages and unique value proposition

Your A.M. & Copywriter will help you to create your Sales Playbook. The script creation process is a collaborative one between you and your A.M. The original scripts for your campaign will be submitted for approval before launch.

Creating database

Your A.M. will provide on demand all the Database in Excel/Google Sheets We can proceed with Lead Nurturing and Qualification of each prospect engagement through LinkedIn.

Sharing content & posts reporting & analytics

Your A.M. will share your Marketing Content provided by you and will monitor your media calendar for content schedule posting. We will generate a weekly report with metrics based on which we will define Future Outreach Strategies.

Ultimate Security Guarantee

We value yoursecurity

PCI DSS level 1 certification

PCI DSS level 1 certification

The highest level of security that ensures 100% data safety and allows gathering and processing financial and credit card information.

Digital millennium copyright act

Digital millennium copyright act

A law that regulates the usage of copyrighted technology, devices and services and prohibits their unauthorized usage.



Full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation act — a legal framework that sets scopes for the collecting and processing of personal data of the EU citizens by the companies operating inside the EU.


ISO 27001:2013 Certified

Process certification that ensures clients’ data protection and management in accordance with global standards.


LinkedIn campaign management & automationhelps the successof

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With team Mercatus you are in good hands! The first months after you change over a large team like an entire call center, you will be involved in reallocating roles.

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