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Build your digital identity and increase audience engagement, through targeted content marketing programs

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Having a digital brand involves mapping your target audience’s availability on the right platforms

Development of trust and brand awareness

Map your target audience digitally. Increase brand recognition and traffic on specific landing pages

Enrich the digital footprint of companies

Raise awareness through social media selling

Transparent model, which can be easily measured and scaled in size and duration ( Unique Tracking URL’s)

Thus it is crucial to have a digital presence in the target-relevant channel.

It’s no secret that social media is an ideal digital strategy to promote your business and increase awareness. Raking close to 3 billion active social media users, consumers are seeking to engage and connect with their favorite brands on these networks. In fact, one-third of millennials actually prefer to communicate with businesses via social media.

The key to growing your brand successfully on social media is choosing the right platforms where your audience is most active and honing that strategy. Yes, you want to establish a presence on the major networks, however, it’s important to invest the bulk of your efforts on the sites that will generate the best return.

One of the most crucial tools for building a digital brand is the building and distribution of content, which includes things like webpages, blogs, emails, social posts, videos, and more. It’s not possible to have a digital presence without proper conversation optimization and the right type of content.


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Mercatus Outsourcing is a BPO & ITO service provider originally founded in Sofia, Bulgaria but operating now in more than 4 locations across the EMEA region. We are serving global clients in more than 25 languages and helping them to become successful by sharing the Talent & Skills & Technology of our Support & IT specialists.

We, at Mercatus, are a team of experienced professionals with 15+ years of know-how in the Outsourcing industry and we pride ourselves on being customer-centric, transparent & flexible in order to support our clients and deliver scalable & affordable services.

Mercatus Outsourcing is a third-party customer & technical solution provider for Ziff David, Acronis, Biologiworks, and more than 50 other companies. Our amazing teams vary from Multilingual Customer support, and B2B Lead Generation to Data Analytics and IT development based on PHP, Scala, Java, and more.

We are very happy to be part of their journey and their success. For more information please contact us at

We value your trust and the protection of your personal and company information as our highest priority.

multi-lingual service desks & support teams

Ultimate Security Guarantee

We value your security.

We value your trust and the protection of your personal and company information as our highest priority.

PCI DSS Level 1 certification — the highest level of security that ensures 100% data safety and allows gathering and processing financial and credit card information.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act — a law that regulates the usage of copyrighted technology, devices and services and prohibits their unauthorized usage.

GDPR — full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation act — a legal framework that sets scopes for the collecting and processing of personal data of the EU citizens by the companies operating inside the EU.

ISO — process certification that ensures clients’ data protection and management in accordance with global standards.

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