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Is poor customer experience costing your company money?

86% of customers would pay more for a better customer experience (Walker Research)

Companies prioritizing customer experience see up to a 60% increase in customer lifetime value (Temkin Group)

Increasing customer retention by just 5% can lead to a profit increase of between 75% and 125% (Bain & Co)

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This Scorecard is crafted to map your organization’s position within the Customer Experience (CX) journey, providing a straightforward and intuitive baseline across five critical dimensions. It not only reveals your current CX maturity level but also equips you with actionable insights for enhancement at each stage. This strategic tool is designed to guide your journey towards CX excellence, facilitating continuous improvement and competitive differentiation.

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Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

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The Customer Experience Maturity Assessment is a quick 2 minute process (although we recommended not rushing it).  Answer 20 questions across 5 areas to receive your personalized report on where you sit on the Customer Experience Maturity Index!

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You’ll be scoredagainst the following key areas

Use this space to describe your categories and why they’re important. Your prospects should want to know how they score!

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Customer Focus

This is crucial as it places the customer at the heart of all business activities, highlighting the integral role of customer satisfaction in driving growth and loyalty.

Process and Systems

These questions focus on understanding how mature the mechanisms and workflows that deliver customer experiences are.

Data and Insights

Highlights the importance of using data to understand customer behaviors, preferences, and feedback, enabling businesses to make informed improvements and innovate proactively in their customer experience offerings.

Employee Engagement

These questions assess how well a company involves and motivates its employees in delivering and enhancing the customer experience. It emphasizes the role of training, empowerment, and recognition.

AI Maturity

This section measures how effectively an organization leverages artificial intelligence to enhance customer experiences. It reflects the degree to which AI is integrated into your CX strategy.

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