20 ways you can use LinkedIn to scale-up your start-up business

Every new beginning is hard, not to mention something as challenging (and rewarding) as a Start-Up. Thankfully, in today’s age, we have an abundance of professional tools, which can make our lives a whole lot easier.

In this article, we will explore 20 ways you can use LinkedIn to “Scale-Up” your Start-Up business. But first, what is “Scale-Up”? It is the evolution of a Start-Up through the concept of sustainable development and growth.

LinkedIn is a platform which aids many businesses throughout their growth through its strategic advantage for many Start-Ups.

Here are 20 ways LinkedIn can aid the growth of your Start-Up:

    • Introduce your business to potential customers and inform them of your product or service;

    • Expand your internet presence through a professional social media platform;

    • Present your business in a professional manner to interested audiences;

    • Create strong brand awareness and presence through a strong online community;

    • Connect and identify potential brand ambassadors who will provide you with exposure which is vital to future growth;

    • Improve your (SEO) throughout LinkedIn, as well as Google, making it easier to be discovered by prospective customers;

    • Connect with and identify talented team members;

    • Identify and acquire new leads related to your product or services;

    • Learn about your potential customers through relevant LinkedIn statistics and analytics to build a relevant brand persona;

    • Receive referrals for your business;

    • Engage in a two-way conversation with your customers regarding your service or products;

    • Provide better customer service;

    • Explore new opportunities by networking with the right people;

    • Exchange opinions and suggestions with other entrepreneurs through a meaningful discussion;

    • Identify and form new collaborations and partnerships;

    • Position yourself as an expert within your industry;

    • Gain media coverage;

    • Adapt your market through monitoring and engaging in social listening;

    • Analyze, observe and learn from your competitors.

It is important to utilize all the benefits of LinkedIn in order to guarantee the acceleration of your new business in the right direction.

Think of LinkedIn as a giant networking event in your relevant industry. If you remain inactive throughout the entire event, to many it will appear as though you do not exist. If you are active, but act unprofessionally and have a bad brand presence, you are again irrelevant and do not exist.

Utilize LinkedIn to the fullest and give your Start-Up the sustainable growth it deserves.